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Himachal: 30 Days- A Monthly Current affairs Magazine for Himachal Pradesh State Examinations


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Index of September Issue


1.         Himachal Current  Affairs
2.         HP MCQs based on Current 


3.         National / International Current Affairs
4.         MCQs based on Current Affairs
5.         History of Sirmour (HP)
6.         MCQs on Sirmour
7.         Temple Architecture of Himachal Pradesh
8.         Social Evils of Himachal: a Snapshot  
9.         Important events in the HP History
10.      Kangra paintings
11.      Heads of Important Offices
12.      Essay: Disaster Management
13.      Environment & Biodiversity
14.      Agriculture: Powerpoints
15.      Human & Plant Diseases
16.      Science & Technology
17. Indian Financial System
18. Fundamental Rights and DPSP
19. Books & Authors
20. Geography: PowercPoints
21. Governor Generals
22. Indian History (Graphs)
23. Ancient History: MCQs



Topics Covered

Rivers in Himachal
Analysis of HAS Exam held on 25 June
Current Affairs: July 2017
Crux of Current affairs: 2016-17 (Himachal)
HP: State & Central Schemes
HP Economic Survey
Crux of Current affairs: 2016-17 (National/International)
Awards/ & Books (2016-17)
Venue of Events
Rankings of India on various Indices/Reports
Timeline of Environment related Treaties
Major Govt. Committees
International organization & their HQs
Religious & Social Movements
Viceroys from 1876 till Independence
GST launch in India: Genesis & Implications
ISRO: History & Recent Achievements
Census  of India 2011: Powerpoints
Science Powerpoints
General Powerpoints
Defence Exercises of India with other countries
Species in India: Lister under ICUN
Important International Boundaries
Nuclear Power Plants
HP History: Kangra Snapshot
How to prepare for an Essay
MCQ for NT Exam: HP based topics
Power Points on Gandhi
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