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HAS Mains Paper (2017) GS-1, 2 & 3











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Thanks for preferring publications from HELIOS Coaching. Please find the copy of HAS Mains examination & questions appeared from Himachal 360 (1st Edition) & Himachal 180. In second edition of 360, there may be minor shift in pages & info.

HAS Mains Question Paper G.S.- 1, 2 & 3 Himachal Administrative Services

General Studies- I

  1. Examine critically the concept of Cultural Heritage.
  2. Why did the Congress accept the Partition of India?
  3. How has the Treaty of Versailles (1919) changed the boundaries of countries?
  4. What changes have taken place in Socialism after the Second World War?
  5. Explain briefly Disaster Management Act, 2005. (Covered in Himachal 360)
  6. Define cloud Burst.
  7. What is Karst Topography?
  8. Briefly describe the polices for women Empowerment in Hindi
  9. Highlight briefly the components of Right to Education (RTE),2009 related to education of children from Scheduled Castes.
  10. Explain Gandhian concept of Satyagraha.
  11. Which ancient literary sources find reference to Kuluta(Kullu) region of Himachal Pradesh? (Himachal 360 Page-138)
  12. Identify any three considerations on which the British policy towards the Shimla Hill states was based? (Himachal360 page-192)
  13. Enumerate any four public welfare schemes executed by Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba princely state. (Himachal 360 Page- 95)
  14. What are the main horticulture products of Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti regions of Himachal Pradesh?(Himachal360 Page- 298 &245)
  15. Describe main festivals of Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh. (Himachal-360 Page-406)
  16. Mahaballipuram marks the culmination of Rock-cut architecture in Early India. Elucidate.
  17. Examine critically the features of De-colonization.
  18. Critically examine the ‘animistic’ and ‘naturalistic’ theories of religion.
  19. Explain types of drainage system in Peninsular India.
  20. What are the Controlling factors of Indian climate.
  21. Discuss the concept of globalization and its impact on Indian society.
  22. Distinguish between natural and man-made disasters.
  23. How did the invitation to the Gurukhas by Raja Mahan Chand of kehlur changed the whole course of history of Shimla and Punjab Hill States?(Himachal 360- (page-150)
  24. On the basis of topography and altitude areas in HP and which are the major industries in them?(Himahal-360 Page-305)
  25. Which are the main industrial areas in HP and which are the major industries in them?(Himachal-360 Page-507)
  26. The Congress Agenda of National unity was undermined by the events between 1937 and 1939. Also highlight the congress responsibility for it.
  27. Explain India’s unity in diversity and diversity in unity. Give suitable examples from the socio-cultural life of the people In India.
  28. Explain major agrarian unrests in the Shimla Hill States during the colonial era. (Himachal-360 Page-220)


General Studies- II

  1. What are the philosophical moorings of Indian Constitution?
  2. What are the discretionary powers of the Governor of a state?
  3. What is token cut motion?
  4. What are the limitations of Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs)
  5. What is Parivarik Mahila lok Adalat (PMLA)?
  6. What are the legal rights of the Senior Citizens under the Senior Citizens Act,2007?
  7. What is ‘Act East Policy’ of India?
  8. What do you mean by democratization of the United Nations?
  9. What are the main highlights of India-Israel strategic partnership?
  10. What is the stand of India and China over Doklam issue?
  11. Under the HP Lokayukta Act of 1983, what are the eligibility conditions for the appointment of lokayukta?
  12. For the village level functionaries of which Departments in HP it is a mandatory to attend the meetings of the Gram Sabha in whose jurisdiction they are posted.
  13. What has been the performance of the Congress and the BJP in the 2012 HP Vidhan Sabha elections in terms of votes polled and seats won? (360)
  14. What help is being provided in HP under the Mukhyamantri Bal Uddhar Yojana to the children who need care, protection and rehabilitation? (Himachal360 Page-240)
  15.  What are the main activities of National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) in HP?(Himachal360- Page 494)
  16. What is parliamentary sovereignty? Do you think Indian Parliament is sovereign?
  17. What are the voluntary provisions of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment?
  18. Do you agree with the view that Self-Help groups (SHGs) are more devoted to the task of reducing the suffering of the poor than the government agencies?
  19. Examine the role of Civil Society in promoting people-centric governance?
  20. Discuss India’s policy towards Indo-Pacific region
  21. What is the importance of energy security in India’s foreign policy?
  22. Describe the basic facets of India’s extended neighborhood policy.
  23. What was the Panjhota agitation of 1942 in the Sirmour princely state?(H-360 Page-218, H-180 Page- 163)
  24. On what grounds can penalties can be imposed by the HP State Information Commissioner on the Public Officers of the state?
  1. What activities have been completed in HP under e-District Project upto 2016-17 fiscal? (H-360 page-478-479)
  2. Financial relations between the Union and the States is one of the Key areas of contention in Indian. Examine.
  3. Can India be acknowledged as a major global power in the light of its ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ power capabilities?
  4. Trace the journey of Himachal Pradesh from Chief Commissioner’s Province in 1948 to full statehood in 1971(H-180 Page- 159, H-360Page- 209)


General Studies- III

  1. Briefly explain the salient features of Fiscal responsibility and Budget Management Act,2003
  2. Explain the role of MGNREGS as an instrument for the poverty eradication.
  3. Outline the role of WTO as a facilitator for international trade.
  4. What is Demographic Dividend? Explain it in Indian context.
  5. Explain the role of NITI Aayog in recent policy formulation in India.
  6. What are the main features of the Paris agreement on Climate Change?
  7. Explain the concept of Biosphere reserve.
  8. Write about the targets of Indian government for the generation of renewable energy from different sources.
  9. What is the objective of the launch of South Asian satellite by India?
  10. List the various parameters used in preparing Soil Health Card.
  11. In what way does tourism contribute to economic development in HP?(H-180 Page 1)
  12. How are farmers classified into various categories like marginal, small, medium and large etc, in HP?(H-360 Page- 481)
  13. What is HP Forest Eco-system Climate proofing Project?(H-180- Page 223)
  14. What major considerations have led the HP government to forgo the harnessing of nearly 3436 MW harness-able hydro power in the state?(H-180 Page- 20)
  15. What are the objectives of Elementary Education polices of the HP Govt?(H- 180 Page- 227, H-360 Page – 531-32)
  16. What is ‘Make in India’ initiative? Does this initiative have the potential to transform India’s Manufacturing sector? Explain critically.
  17. What do you understand by inclusive growth? What are the major policy initiatives undertaken by Government of India for achieving inclusive growth?
  18. Explain the main characteristics of Indian Economy as an emerging economy.
  19. Give an account of the strategies for efficient use of irrigation agriculture for sustainable agriculture practices.
  20. Discuss the salient features of Biological Diversity Act,2002
  21. What is the status of nuclear energy programmes in India? Discuss the significance of Indo- US nuclear deal.
  22. Explain the science of climate change. What are the factors responsible for climate change?
  23. Comment on the preposition that the economy of HP has constantly shown a shift from agriculture sector to industry and services sectors in terms of contribution to the state’s Gross Domestic Product(GDP)(H- 180 Page – 26)
  24. What factors are responsible for the decline of bio-diversity in HP?(H-180 Page- 66)
  25. Write a short note on HP state’s non-tax revenue sources. What percentage of total revenue receipt did it contribute during 2016-17 fiscal?
  26. What are the main objectives of demonetization scheme of 2016? How far these objectives were achieved? Analyze critically its impact on Indian Economy.’
  27. Highlight the main achievements of India’s space programme since inception.
  28. Describe the major milestones in land reforms in HP since 1951-52.(Minor reference in H-360, Page-210)




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