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Helios 120: Book for HAS Mains Examination (Q & A)

Contact for book: 0177-2810000 & 9805839716

This book is an attempt to help HAS Mains aspirants in their quest for breaking into interview round. Challenge is to work out the new format of mains from GS & HP perspective. We have shortlisted many questions that may be important. We also will like to mention that, bulk of information in this book was carved out from Himachal  180° & 360°. It was necessary as 360° was the first book according to new syllabus and good amount of research had already gone onto it. Almost all the important areas haven covered in this book. We hope that this little book serves its purpose of saving time of aspirants for searching material and get a pool of potential questions.

Analysis of HAS Mains exam held in 2017

  • Question paper can be analysed in understated four headings: Himachal, Tradition Subjects, Generic topics & Current/Contemporary areas.
  • Interestingly, traditional Subjects did not get the much weightage; rather many questions were current & contemporary.
  • One should be careful of this contemporary. Non-Tradition areas shall require some focus with updating one self with events and their details.
  • GS Generic Topics: Schemes Acts, Policies, Energy & Environment were prominent areas. Polity of History was more inclined for 20th
  • Himachal had a right mix of Topics in History, Policies, Governance, Environment & institutions. Though Culture part (Temples, Fairs, Language, Paintings & Customs etc.) was not significant. For 2018 one can focus on topics Like ZBNF, Budget & Govt Schemes
HP Tradition Subjects Generic Contemporary
Land Reforms Centre State areas Indian Economy: Characteristics Space Prog & satellites
Budget Revenues 73rd Amendt. Inclusive Growth DeMo
Econ. Sectors Parliament Irrigation & Agriculture Make in India
Biodiversity Token Cut Motion Renewable Energy Soil Health Card
Climate Change Powers of Guv Biosphere Reserve NITI Aayog
Biodiversity Act Constitution Moorings Climate Change: Treaties MNEGRA
Education Policy Congress (1937-47) Demographic Dividend FRBM, 2003
Hydroelectricity Drainage System WTO: Role Extended Neighborhood Policy
Forests & Ecosystem ‘Animastic’ & ‘Naturalistic’ theories India as Power Indo-Pacific Policy
Farm Holdings De-colonization Civil Society & Governance Doklam
Tourism & Economy Rock-cut architecture SHGs India-Israel
Statehood History Satyagraha UNO: Democratization Act East Policy
State Info Comm. Karst topography NGOs Senior Citizens Act, 2007
Panjhauta Agitation cloud burst Unity & Diversity PMLA
Schemes: Bal Uddhar Socialism after WW-II Disasters: Theory DM Act, 2005.
Local Governance: Gram Panchayat Treaty of Versailles Globalization & Society RTE, 2009
Lokayukta Act of 1983 Partition of India Climate Change Energy Security
Agrarian unrests cultural heritage concept Women Empowerment
Industrial areas, Zones : Geo/Ecological, 1805: Gorkha Attack, Fests of Tribes, Horticulture in Tribal Area, Schemes: Bhuri Singh, British policy In Hills, Sources of Kulut history & NMSA



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