Vaidyanath Temple ( Baijnath-1204): This temple was dedicated to Shiva as Vaidyanath. Dussehra festival is not celebrated in Baijnath, in the respect of Ravan. He took a halt at Baijnath, while he was carrying back Shiva ling presented by Lord Shiva to him.This Shikhar style temple was built by two brothers, Manyuka and Ahuka in 1204. In the 1786 AD, Maharaja Sansar Chandra II carried out renovation of the Temple.
Laxmi Narayan Temple (Chamba): It’s a complex of 6 Shikhar style Temples (Lakshmi Narayana, Radha-Krishana, Lakshmi Damodara, Chandergupta, Gauri Shanker and Trimukeshwara) dedicated to Lord Laxmi Narayan & Lord Shiva. Sahil Varman (920-940 AD) built the Temple and brought marble from Rajasthan area. Yugankar Varman who brought suitable marble. Later, Rani Sharda, the widow of King Jit Singh of Chamba, constructed the Radha-Krishana temple in 1828.
Vishweshwar Mahadev, Bajaura( Kullu ): A Temple of Lord Shiva, it is possibly the most attractive stone Temple of Kullu. This temple was built in the 9th century in pyramid style. It is said that the Pandavas during their exile constructed this temple in just one day.
Lakshna Devi Temple, Bharmour (Chamba): Temple was founded in Bhrampur (Bharmour) during the reign of Meru Varman (680 AD).The idol was made by Gugga under the orders of King Meru Varman.
Hidimba Devi (Dungri) Temple Manali (Kullu): The Hidimba Devi Temple (Pagoda style) is built around a cave where Hidimba meditated to get rid of malefic influences of her being demon. Raja Bahadur Singh built this temple in 1553 AD.
Mrikula Devi Temple (L&S): The Temple is of unknown age perhaps the 10th or 11th century AD. It was during the reign of Ajay Varman in Kashmir that the Temple was constructed. People of Tibetan descent in Lahaul treat Mrikula Devi as Dorje Phag-mo, which means Vajravarahi in Sanskrit.
Champavati Temple (Chamba): Also called Chameshni Devi was built by Raja Sahil Varman (920-940 AD) in the memory of his daughter Champavati.
Trilokinath Temple, Udaipur( Lahaul): Dvanjra Rana of Udaipur, with the help of King Sahil Varman of Chamba constructed this Shikhar style temple, in 10th century AD. It’s only Shikhar style Temple of Lahaul. Hindus consider Triloknath deity as ‘Lord Shiva’ while the Buddhists consider the deity as ‘Arya Avalokiteshwar’, Tibetan language speaking people called him as ‘Garja Fagspa’.
Trilokinath Temple (Mandi ): Rani Sultana Devi (or Surat Rani) queen of Raja Ajbar Sen built this Temple in 1520 AD. Temple houses the three-faced image of Lord Shiv & Goddess Parvati, who is riding on the Nandi (ox).
Ardhnareshwar Temple (Mandi): This Monolith temple of Ardhnarishwar was built in 11th Century. It is dedicated to Lord Shiv and Parvati.
Parashar Temple (Mandi): This Pagoda style Temple of Rishi Parashar (grandson of Rishi Vashishta) is situated on the bank of Prashar Lake. Single deodar was used and temple was built in 12 years. “Saranauhali” fair is held in June. This temple was built around 1300 AD by Raja Ban Sen.
Jawala Mukhi Temple (Kangra): It is a Dome style temple built by Raja Bhumi Chand of Trigarta. The tongue of Mata Sati fell at this place. In 1813 AD, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh built the golden dome of the temple, when he got recovered from 12 years of illness. Inside there are nine flames in the temple. Akbar also presented gold Hive.
Masroor Temples (Kangra): This is Monolithic rock cut Shikhar style Temple said to be built by Pandavas during their period of exile. Practically, it was either built or improved by Lalit Aditya of Kashmir, in 8th century AD. It is dedicated to Lord Ram & Lord Shiv. This place is also known as Ellora of Himalayas or Thakurdwara.The entire complex contains about 15 temples and this place is re-discovered by Shuttleworth in 1913.
Tabo Monastery (Spiti): Tabo Monastery is located on the left bank of Spiti River. The Great Lotsaba Rinchen Sangpo under the patronage of the Lama-king Lhachen Yeshe founded it (CE 996– 1040) in CE 996.This is the oldest monastery in the world. It is also known as Ajanta of Himalayas for wall paintings called Thangka painting (Buddhist scroll paintings).
Brajeshwari Temple (Kangra): This Temple was built by Pandavs and is also known as Nagarkot Dham. It is believed that breast of Mata Sati fell here. Md. Ghazani plundered the temple in 1009 AD & Khawas Khan in 1540 AD. Desa Singh Majitha did latest changes in the Sikh Style (after 1809). He was a commander of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh.
Guru Ghantal Gompa (Lahaul): This Buddhist Temple is located in the village Tupchiling (in Lahaul). Oldest Gompa of Lahaul. An
annual fair is held here in the month of June (Ghantal festival) in which Lamas and Thakurs participate together. There is also an idol dedicated to Brajeshwari Devi in the Gompa.
Major Cave Temples in HP: Mahadev-ka-nal, in Tehsil Baijnath in Kangra. Lord Shiv Jalandhari cave, Palampur in Kangra.Lord Shiv cave, Trilokpur near Shahpur inKangra.Markandey and Vyas cave Temples, Bilaspur.Baba Balaknathji in Hamirpur.
NamePlaceStyleBulit byDateDetails
Chaurasi (84) TempleBharmour, District ChambaShikhar StyleRaja Sahil Varman of Chamba920 ADThe main Temples of Lakshmi Devi, Ganesh, Manimahesh and Nar Singh are called as 84 Temples.
Adi-Brahma TempleKhokhan (Bhuntar), KulluPagoda StyleRaja Tedhi Singh of Kullu1746 ADDedicated to Lord Brahma
Ashapuri TemplePalampur, KangraShikhar StyleVijya Rama son of Raja Chandrabhan1627- 1660 ADThe main and original temple of Ashapura Mata is located in Kutch, Gujrat
Baba RudruDeraUna DistrictAlso known as Maddi Ka Gurudwara
Bala Sundri TempleTirlokpur (Nahan), SirmourDome Style. In 1573 AD by Raja Deep PrakashAlso called “Chaurasi Ghanto Wali Devi”.
Bhootnath TempleMandi TownShikhar StyleRaja Ajbar Sen of Mandi1527 ADDedicated to Lord Shiva
Bijli Mahadev TempleDiz, District KulluPent & GableDedicated to Lord Shiva
Brajeshwari TempleNagarkot (Kangra), District KangraShikhar domewith PandavasBreast of Mata Sati fell at this Place
Brugpa MonasteryNako village, District KinnaurRingchen Zangpo996 ADLocated near Nako Lake
Champavati TempleChambaShikhar StyleRaja Sahil Varman Chamba930 ADDedicated to Champavati, daughter of Sahil Varman or Mahishasurmardi ni
Chamunda TempleDeviChamba. ASI.UnderPent Roof/Pahari StyleSahil (10 C) & Later Raja Prithvi Singh1754 AD355 stone stupas were built by Raja Raj Singh of
   of Chamba Chamba
Chintpurni TempleChintpurni, District UnaDome Style, Pandit Mai Dass Kalia15-16th Century ADHead of Mata Sati fell at this place and also known as Chhinnamastika.
Dhankar MonasteryLahaul & Spiti DistrictZia-odFamous    for    its    Paintings    & Principal figure is a statue of Vairochana (Dhyan Budha)
Gemur MonasteryGemur village, Lahaul & Spiti11th Century11th Century Dedicated to Marichi Vajravarahni
Hatkoti TempleRohru, District ShimlaPent RoofAlso known as Hateshwari Devi
Jamlu Devta TempleMalana, District KulluDedicated to Rishi Jamadagni
Kalachakra TempleDharamshala, District KangraIt is at McLeodganj
Kalibari TempleShimla TownDome StylePandit Ram Charan1845ADDedicated to Mata Shyama Kali (Shyamla) Devi
Kardang GompaKeylong, District Lahaul & SpitiIt Has a large library of Kangyur & Tangyur volumes of Budhist Scriptures in Bhoti language12th century, and renovated by Lama Norbu in 1912Largest in the region.
Key MonasteryKibber, District Lahaul & SpitiDromton11th CenturyReligious Training Centre of Lamas
Khajji TempleKajjiar, District ChambaPent Roof StyleRenovated by Wetnurse Batlu during the period of Raja Prithvi SinghOf 12th Century. Dedicated to Khaji Nag. Wooden statues of Pandavs commissioned by Balbhadra Varman (early 1600s)
Lutru MahadevArki, District SolanDedicated to Lord Shiva
Madho Rai TempleMandi DistrictRaja Suraj Sen of Mandi1648ADDedicated to Lord Vishnu
Manu TempleManali, District KulluPagoda StyleCreator of Human race
Mool (Original) MahunagLocated at Bakhari, Near KarsogBuilt in 14-15th centuryMahunag is believed to be incarnation of Karan of Mahabharata
Mrikula Devi TempleUdaipur, District Lahaul & SpitiPent Roof/ Naggar StyleAjay Varman8th CenturyDedicated to Mata Kali
Murli Manohar TempleSujanpur Tira, District HamirpurFlat Roof StyleRaja Sansar Chand of Kangra in memory of his mother.1785AD
Naina Devi TempleNaina Devi, District BilaspurShikhar StyleRaja Veer Chand of Bilaspur697-730 ADEyes of Mata Sati fell at this place
Naina Devi TempleRewalsar, District MandiRaja Suraj Sen of Mandi
Nako MonasteryNako village, District KinnaurFoot prints of Padamsambhav a found here
Narsingh TempleBharmour, District ChambaShikh ar StyleMeru Varman/Rekha Devi wife of Yugankar Varman950-960 ADBuilt within the Complex of 84 Temples
Nawahi Devi TempleSarkaghat, District MandiDedicated to Nawahi (Nine Arms) Devi
Panchvaktar TempleDistrict Mandi
Parshuram TempleNirmand, District KulluDedicated to Lord Parshuram
Raghu Nath TempleSultanpur, District KulluRaja Jagat Singh1653Kullu Dusshera dedicated to Lord Raghunath Ji
Renuka Mata TempleRenukaji, Sagrah, Sirmour (Sikhar)Earlier, the lake was worshipped as Goddess Renuka. About 100 years back, the temple was constructed with the idol of the deity.
Dera Baba RudranandNari, UnaDome-shaped.
Shikari Devi TempleChachiyot (Karsog),MandiWithout RoofDevi of Hunting
Shiv BariGagret District UnaIt is believed to be the Archery practicing range of the students of Guru Dronacharya.
Shoolini TempleSolan town ,District SolanShikhar StyleDedicated to Mata Shoolini
Shrigul Temple /Chudeshwar MahadevChurdhar, District SirmourPent Roof17th– 18th Century ADDedicated to Lord Shiva
Shringa Rishi TempleBanjar, District Kullu
Suhi Mata TempleChamba DistrictDome StyleRaja Yugankar Varman940ADDedicated to Rani Sunayana wife of Raja Sahil Varman
Sun TempleNeerath, Rampur ShimlaShikhar StyleDedicated to God Sun
Tangyud MonasteryKaza, District Lahaul &SpitiRinchen Zangpo14th century
Tarna TempleMandi DistrictDome StyleRaja Shyam Sen of Mandi1664- 79ADDedicated to Mata Shyama Kali
Trilokinath TempleMandi DistrictShikhar StyleRaja Ajbar Sen of Mandi1527A DPanchmukha image of Shiv
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