Other Superlatives
Largest District (Population), Also highest Rainfall, largest road length, Max. Assembly seatsKangra
Largest District (Area), lowest population & RainfallLahul & Spiti
Lowest Scheduled Castes Population & Lowest population densityLahaul & Spiti (2,235), density (2)
Smallest District Area-wise, Lowest ST population, lowest Decadal Growth Rate. Highest in Literacy, Gender Ratio, Population density & Road density.Hamirpur
Highest Rural Populationin districtKinnaur/L & S (100%)
Highest Urban Population PercentageShimla (15.69%)
Highest Scheduled Castes PopulationKangra (3,19,385)
Highest Scheduled Tribes PopulationChamba (1,35,500)
Lowest Gender RatioKinnaur (819)
Highest Decadal Growth Rate (%) 2001-11Una (16.26%)
Maximum number of lakes above >5000 m elevationL & S
Largest River (Volume)Chenab
Longest River/ Greatest Hydel Potential/Catchment AreaSatluj
Smallest River in HPYamuna
Smallest Artificial LakePandoh Dam Lake
Pass at greatest elevationLaluni Jot (5440 mts) L & S
Largest GlacierBada Shigri( L& S)
Highest Mountain PeakLeo Pargial/ Riwo-Phargyul
Highest Hydro-Electric ProjectRong-tong Power House
Smallest Wildlife-sanctuaryShilli (Solan)
Smallest National Park (Area)Simbalbara National Park (Sirmour)
Largest National ParkGreat Himalayan National Park
Water Sources (all)Chamba
Rainiest TownDharamshala
Driest PlaceSpiti
Highest Cricket GroundChail (Solan)
First E-Assembly of INDPalampur
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