18 Thakurais
1JubbalKaran Chand228 sq milesKaran Chand was son of Ugar Chand of Sirmour and founded Jubbal in 12th century AD.The original capital was Soonpur in Hatkoti.
2SariMool ChandNAMool Chand was another son of Ugar Chand of Sirmour and founded Sari in 12th century AD.It went extinct in 1864 AD.
3RawingarhDuni Chand16 Sq MilesDuni Chand was the youngest son of Ugar Chand of Sirmour and founded Rawingarh in 12th century AD.It was situated at on the banks of Pabbar & Tons.
4GhundJanjan Singh13 Sq Miles/2 8 km sqThe founders share a common descent with the founders of Theog and Madhan. They had migrated from Kehlur. The state was subordinate to Keonthal by a Sanad of September 1815.
5TheogJai Chand373 kmsqIt was founded in middle of the 15th century. The state was subordinate to Keonthal by a Sanad of September 1815.
6KhanetiUggan Singh22 Sq Miles/ 49 Km SqUggan was son of Kirat Singh (founder of Kumarsain) and founded Khaneti in 1000 AD.Khaneti at that time included Kotgarh and Kotkhai areas which were later separated.Khaneti was under Gorkhas & later got independence in 1890 AD.
7Delath (Merged)Prithi Singh8 Sq MilesIt was founded in 1000 AD by Prithi Singh, younger brother of Rana Kirat Singh, founder of Kumarsain.It was merged in Bushahr in 1816 AD.
8Karangla (Merged)Kartar ChandNAFounded in 1000 AD, areas were gifted to Kartar Chand by Brother Kirat Singh (Kumarsain). Later, it merged in Bushahr.
9Kotkhai (British Annexation)Ahimal Singh14 sq miles / 126 Km sqFounded in 1000 AD and was related to Kumarsain State (Kirat Singh). It came under Gorkhas & later annexed by British in 1827 AD because of strong resentment in public.
10DarkotiDurga Singh6 sq miles/ 13 Km SqFounded by Raja Durga Singh Kachhawa in the 11th century or founded by a Rajput who came from Marwar at an  unknown date and settled in the Shimla Hills.
11TharochKishan Singh75 sq. Miles/2 23 kmsqWas founded in 15th Century AD by Kishan Singh, descendent of Deo Karan of Udaipur.Formerly, it was a part of Sirmour. Also known as Tiroch or Taroch.
12SangriNA16 sq miles/ 54 kmsqOriginally part of Bushahr, but was taken from that state by Raja Man Singh of Kullu in about 1703 till 1719.In 1803 it was seized by the Gurkhas of Nepal but restored in 1815 to Raja Bikram Singh of Kullu.
13BalsonAlak Singh51 sq Miles/1 48 kmsqFounded before 12th century AD by descendant of Sirmour.A scion of the Malwa Royal Family, and thus share an agnatic connection with the rulers of Baghal and Baghat.The Chiefs of Balsan were feudatories of Sirmour till 1815, when a Sanad was granted by the British Government.
14MadhanChand el Cadet23 sq miles/1 3 Sq MilesThe founders share a common descent with the founders of Theog and Madhan, who were all sons of a Chandel Rajput of Jaipur.The state was subordinate to Keonthal by a Sanad of September 1815.
15KumarsainKirat Singh100 sq miles/2 18 Km sqKirat Singh arrived from Gaya in Bihar in 1,000 AD and conquered area from Mavana of Dealth, Bambu Rai.State was declared independent after the expulsion of the Gurkhas in 1815, by a Sanad dated February 1816.
16RateshRai Singh3 Sq MilesFounder of the state is said to be brother of Sirmour chief Raja Karam Parkash.
17DhadiNANADhadi was an off shoot of Tharoch State and later Rawingarh and Dhadi became the tributaries of Jubbal
12 Thakurais
1KeonthalGiri Sen116 sq m/ 482 kmsqBengali adventurer Giri Sen founded Keonthal in 765 AD.He was the younger brother of Raja Vir Sen, who founded Suket at the same time.
2BhaghatBasant Pal85 kmsqFounded by a Panwar Rajput in the late 14th century. Suffix was changed from Pal to Singh.
3Baghal (Arki)Ajay Dev Panwa r120 sq miles/3 11 kmsqPredecessor state founded in the 13th century (1260) by Raja Ajay Dev Panwar. The Princely state of Baghal was founded in about 1643. Arki was made capital of Baghal.
4KuniharAbhoj Dev8 sq miles/1 8 kmsqHe was a Raghuvanshi Rajput from Akhnoor in Jammu in 1154 AD. Also known as Choti Vilayat.
5KutharSurat Chand20 sq milesRajkumar of Kishtwar after escaping turk invasion.It was the tributary of Keonthal in 1815.
6BhajjiUdaipa l93 sq miles/ 243 Km SqFounded in the tenth century, by the elder son of 24th Raja of Kutlehar, Udaipal and established his capital at MoolBhajji village.
Sohan Pal founded the village Soni (Sunni) and shifted his capital there.Capital was MoolBhajji which was shifted to Sunni by Sohanpal.
7KotiThakur Chand Pal50 sq miles/ 114 kmsqThakur Chandpal, the younger grandson of Sohan Pal of Bhajji established his capital at MoolKoti.
The state was made subordinate to Keonthal by a Sanad of September 1815.
8DhamiGovind Pal28 sq milesDescendents of Prithvi Raj Chauhan came from Delhi.Capital was Halog and remained tributary to Kehlur and later to Gorkhas till 1815.
9MahlogHari Chand47.5 sq miles/ 127 km sqCame from Ayodhya for pilgrimage in the 16th century.
10MangalFound ed by Raghu nath Chand12 sq miles/ 103 km sqMangal Chand, Rana of Bhatwara was killed in 1240 by Raja Madan Sen of Suket.Later on, his son Raghunath founded the new state of Mangal, with the help of the Raja of Bilaspur.
11BejaGarab Chand4 sq MilesDescendent of Tanwar/TomarRajputs of Delhi who went to Haridwar & then settled at Beja.It remained tributary of Kelhur & Gorkha. It got the independence in 1790, after the invasion of Kehlur by Hindur.
12BharoliNA After 1815 AD, British retained it and made Subathu as cantonment.
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