Reorganization of State

Formation of HP as Centrally Administered Area (Chief Commissioners Province).Chief Commissioner (ICS) had a Deputy Commissioner (ICS), a Finance Secretary, an Assistant Secretary and a registrar, under him. In the beginning Chamba, Mandi, Sirmour & Mahasu were 4 districts formed after merger of 30 princely states15 April 1948
9 member Advisory Council was constituted by representatives of peoples 6 representatives of the people and 3 from princely states. Its function was to advise Chief Commissioner, who never paid heed to the advice. Ultimately, the Advisory council resigned.30 Sept 1948
HP was made a Part ‘C” State. Lieutenant Governor (LG) was made executive head of state. A 36 member legislative Assembly was constituted.1951
Dr. Y. S. Parmar was sworn in as Chief Minister along with, Pandit Padam Dev and Pandit Gauri Prasad as two ministers.24 March 1952
Part ‘C’ state Bilaspur, merged in HP1 July 1954
HP became a Union Territory under, LG1 Nov 1956
Kinnaur was carved out of Chini tehsil of Mahasu district1 May 1960
Territorial Council became a legislative assembly and Dr. Parmar became the Chief Minister again1 July 1963
Merger of Hilly parts of Punjab with HP. Parts of Kangra, Kullu, Shimla, Lahaul & Spiti, Una, Dalhousie etc. were included in HP1 Nov 1966
Full Statehood to HP, High Court & Public Service Commission.25 Jan 1971
Origin of Hamirpur and Una from Kangra division(Total 10+2 = 12 Districts)1 Sept 1972
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