Marriage & Customs
In Sirmour marriage is known as Gharasni, in which gur (Jaggery) is exchanged and eaten by bride & groom. Three days later bride’s parents visit the couple, and present food articles, this process is called as Murapull.
In Kullu traditional marriage is known as Putti Manal. In this 4-5 people go from groom’s side, present her articles for attire, and get her back to groom’s place.
Jind Phuk: It is the marriage prevalent in Chamba & similarly Jarar-Phuki in Kangra. In these marriages consenting couple elope and marry around a bush after setting it on fire. They encircle it for 8 times, with or without priest. It is also popular amongst Gaddis.
Jhajra: This is also known as widow remarriage or Gudani & also called as choli-dori amongst Gaddis. There is no involvement of a Prohit & Lord Ganesh is not worshipped. In Shimla this remarriage is called Karewa. In Bilaspur it is called Gadar.
Balu Jhanjrara: In this marriage a man marries to his elder brother’s widow even if he is married.
Bariana: In this form of marriage the girl’s parents take bride’s price from boy or his parents. This is considered as inferior form of marriage among the Gaddis.
Bata-Satta: It is marriage by exchange was popular among the Gaddis & Gujjars. In this form of marriage a boy gets a wife in exchange for his sister or cousin sister for his wife’s brother. This form of marriage was prevalent among the Rajputs, Brahmans and Rathi Gaddis.
Ghar Jawantri (GharJamai): In this marriage if the parents of girl have no son than they adopt a boy as their son-in-law to inherit their property and wealth.Kamash: It is very common among Gaddi tribe. In this boy has to work in the house of his father-in- law for a fixed term.
Khewat: This type is common among Gaddis and it is also called reet or lag in other areas of Himachal Pradesh. This form of marriage permits a woman to marry with other person if he pays the former husband the amount incurred by him on his marriage. The consent of the former husband is essential.
Marriages among the Kinners:
Marriages among Lahaulis: Ta-bhagstonr: It’s an arranged marriage & also called Modh-biah.
Kummai-bhagston: Marriage by theft/elopement in which girl had already agreed, but makes false hue & Cry at abduction. Marriage is completed with the consent of girls parents.
Kowanchibiah : In this form of marriage a divorced man marries a girl or a divorced woman.
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