Gugga Nawmi: A celebration starts from the day of Raksha Bandhan. Chhari is a symbol of Gugga. His special followers are the Natha and Jogis in Kangra, Mandi, Bilaspur and Sirmour districts. The chief festival of Gugga is held on the ninth day of the dark half of the month of Bhadon (September- October) when he is supposed to have disappeared into the ground.
Jig-Jed: It is celebrated in the Spiti region at Thang-Jyal monastery in the month of October.
Gutor: It is held in the month of November at Key, Tabo, Dhankar and Pin monasteries. The purpose of these festivals is to protect people from diseases and epidemics and ensure health, happiness and all-round prosperity.
Bhunda, Shant and Bhoj are the Kumbha festivals of the hill people.These are held after every 12 years or when enough money has been saved. Bhunda is a festival of Brahmins, Shant is celebrated by Rajputs and Bhoj is observed by Kolis. Bhunda has been described variously.In the era of Rishis there were three kinds of sacrifice-the Narmodi, Gaumedi and Ashvamedi or the sacrifices of man, kine and horse. The Bhunda festival is the old Narmodijag and the customs and rites are the same. Some say that Bhunda is a corruption of Bhandar or temple treasure
Kaika: It is held every five years. A caste like Bodas, named Nar play the main role in the ceremony.Nar families are mainly found in Kullu and Mandi. In Kullu, Kaika is performed on the 1st Bhandon (Middle of August).
Nawala : It is a festival of Gaddi tribe inhabiting the valleys of Kangra, Chamba and some parts of Mandi and Kullu. This is celebrated individually at a time when a householder thinks. But it is must that once in a life time.According to a version, Nalwala is said to be derived from the word Navmala meaning a new garland. During the performance of Nawala, Shiva is worshipped at night. Devotional songs dedicated to Shiva are sung throughout the night. These songs are called Ainchali.
Chheshu: It is a festival of the Lahaul Valley, and is celebrated in the monasteries. In the monasteries of Sha-Shur it is held in Jeth (June) and in the monastery of Gandola in Ashar (July).
Phagli: Phagli is the biggest festival of the Pattan Valley. It generally falls in the month of Phalgun (February). The festival starts at midnight. Phagli festival is the worship of the elders by younger generation.
Phagul or Suskar: Phagul festival is also known as Suskar. This festival is celebrated mostly in the month of Phalgun (February-March). In Nichar the date for this festival is announced by the goddess Jsha, through her oracle, for the whole of Atharabeesh.
Pargana: In this festival the spirit of Kanda (Peaks) called Kali is mainly worshipped which lasts about a fortnight and is celebrated all over Kinnaur.
Sair: It is the chief festival of people of Kangra, Mandi, Bilaspur & Hamirpur, observed on the first day of Asoj (September) apparently associated in some way with the harvest. In Chamba this festival is called Sair ki Sankrant the first day of Asoj.
Lossar: The Lossar festival is celebrated in the border district of Lahaul & Spiti and Kinnaur and also in the Tibetan colonies of Himachal. The word Lossar in the Kinnauri means New Year. This is held to celebrate the beginning of the of the new year during Poh-Shudi Shukla Paksha, bright fortnight of the moon. One can also witness the Chamm dance on the eve of Lossar.
Halda: It is a New Year festival of the people of Chandra and Bhaga valleys of Lahaul & Spiti.People Celebrate it sometime in between mid Paus and mid Magh (January). Halda means a torch. This is made of dry willow and cedar faggots. It is a festival of lights and resembles Diwali.
Gochi: It is a festival of Bhaga Valley celebrated in the month of Phalgun. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate communally on a village level, the births of all the male children who were born during the preceding year.
Haryali: It is a festival of rainy season known as Haryali (Kangra and Sirmur), Rhyali (Upper Shimla hills), Dakhrain (Jubbal and Kinnaur) and Shegtsum (Lahaul). It is celebrated on the 1st of Shrawan.On this day even the cattle are given a rest. In Sarkaghat tehsil of Mandi this festival is called Chirnu.
Charwal: This is a festival of fire and celebrated on the first of Bhadon (August-September).In Kullu, this festival is called Badranjo which means the festival held in Bhadon. In Chopal region of Shimla District, Charwal festival is held in the name of a local deity named Shirgul Devta who is also known as Bijat Devta. In Chamba this festival is called Pathroru ki Sankrant or a festival of flowers.
Phulech: This is a festival of flowers celebrated during the month of late Bhadon or in the month of Asoj. This festival is celebrated in Kinnaur on different dates. It is also called Ukhyang, ‘U’ means flower and Khyang means to look at flowers meaning thereby the delight in flowers.
Jig-Jed: In the Spiti region at Thang-Jyal monastery a religious festival called Jig-Jed takes place in the month of October and a month later a similar festival called Gutor is held at the monasteries at Kee, Tabo, Dhankar.
Summer FestivalShimla, District ShimlaJune 1- June 5International Festival
Winter CranivalManali, District KulluDecember
Budhi DiwaliKullu and SirmourNovember or December
Teej FestivalSirmourAugust-September
Sazo FestivalKinnaurJanuary
Toshim FestivalDistrict KinnaurMarchMale Youth Festival of Kinnaur
Bhunda FestivalShimla,Kullu (Nirmand)Related to Lord Parshuram and celebrated after 12 years
Bishu or BishaDistrict ShimlaAprilCelebrated on the Day of Baisakhi
BeeshKinnaur DistrictAprilCelebrated on the Day of Baisakhi
BisowaKangra DistrictAprilCelebrated on the Day of Baisakhi
LishooPangi,District ChambaAprilCelebrated on the Day of Baisakhi
HaryaliKangra and SirmourJulyCelebrated on the Day of Sawan
RhyaliDistrict ShimlaJulyCelebrated on the Day of Sawan
DakhrainJubbal(Shimla),KinnaurJulyCelebrated on the Day of Sawan
ShegtsumLahaul & Spiti DistrictJulyCelebrated on the Day of Sawan
RakashapunyaShimlaAugustCelebrated on the Day of Rakhi
Salonoo or SalunaMandi and SirmourAugustCelebrated on the Day of Rakhi
PartoruChamba DistrictAugustFestivals of followers
Khogla FestivalLahaul & Spiti DistrictJanuaryCelebrated in Pattan Valley equivalent to Diwali
Ghantal FestivalLahaul & Spiti DistrictJuneHeld at Guru Ghantal Monastery
SaranhuliChachiot         District MandiJuneDedicated to Kamrunaag Devta
Gutor FestivalLahaul & Spiti District Held at Key and Tabo Monastery
International Himalyan FestivalMcLeodganj District KangraDecemberFor Communal harmony among the Tibetans dwelling and the natives. Held on day Dalai Lama got Nobel in 1985.
ChheshuLahaul & Spiti DistrictMay-JuneCelebrated in Lahual valley
DolruBharmour ChambaAprilNew Year Festival of Chamba
LahmocheKinnaurJanuaryLahmo means God & Che means dance
LofanKinnaur DistrictFebruaryEquivalent to Shivratri
PanchBhism FestivalKangra DistrictOct-NovDedicated to Bhishampitama & gods also get up from slumber
Shand FestivalShimla District Celebrated for Peace & Prosperity
Lingti FestivalKulllu DistrictMarchAlso known as Chetrali
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