Major Books & Authors related to HP
A descriptive Grammar of Kinnauri = D.D. Sharma
A Glossary of the Tribes & Castes of the Punjab and North- West Frontier province=H.A. Rose
A Passage to Himalaya=Harish Kapadia
A Western Himalayan Kingdom: History and Culture of the Chamba State=Vishwa ChanderOhri
Antiquities of Chamba State=J. Ph Vogel
Ancient Communities of the Himalaya=D.P.Saklani
Antiquities of Chamba State=B.C. Chabra
Art and Architecture of H.P. =Mian Goverdhan Singh
Ban Gujars: A Nomadic Tribe in H.P.=V. Verma
The Begar and Beth System in H.P. : A Study of Erstwhile Shimla Hill States=Jaideep Negi
Beyond the Himalayas: In Search of the Ancient Silk Route=H.P.S. Ahluwalia
Bilaspur Ki Kahani=Akshar Singh
Bilaspur Past, Present and Future=Anand Chand
Buddhist Art and Antiquities of H.P. =O.C. Handa
Rajas of the Punjab: History of the principle States in the Punjab with their Relation with the British=L.H. Griffin
Religion and Art of the Chamba Valley: A.D. 700-1300=Seema Bawa
Scheduled Tribes of Himachal Pradesh: Marriage and Divorce Customs= S.C. Kapur
Shimla Then & Now=Vipin Pubby
Simla: Past and Present=Edward J. Buck
Social, Cultural and Economic, History of Himachal Pradesh=M.S. Ahluwalia
The Splendour of Himalayan Art and Culture=Ashok Jerath
Tabo Monastery & Buddhism in The Trans – Himalayan: Thousand Years of Existence of the Tabo=O.C. Handa
Temple Architecture of the Western Himalaya: Wooden Temples=O.C. Handa
Textiles, Costumes and Ornaments of the Western Himalaya= O.C.Handa
The Antiquities of Kangra=Dalip K. Chakravarti
The Early Wooden Temples of Chamba=Herman Goetz
The Throne of the Gods: An Account of the First Swiss Expedition To The Himalayas=Arnold Heim
The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh=Jag Mohan Balokhra
Traditional Trade and Trading Centres in Himachal Pradesh=Poonam Minhas
Travels in India, Himalayan Provinces of Hindustan=W. Moorcroft, G. Trebec
Wooden Temples of Himachal Pradesh=Mian Goverdhan Singh
Yashwant Singh Parmar: A Political Biography=Dr. Rajender Attri
Economics of Apples: A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh=A.L. Nadda
Explore Himachal: If You Love Adventure=Manohar Puri
Exploring Kinnaur and Spiti in the Trans- Himalaya=Deepak Sanan & DhanuSwadi
Festivals, Fairs and Customs of Himachal Pradesh=Mian Goverdhan Singh
Folk Tales of Himachal Pradesh=K.A. Seetthalakshmi
Folk Dances of Chamba=Kamal Prashad Sharma
Glimpses of the Western Himalaya Majestic Mountains, Verdant Valleys &Marvellous Monuments = OC Handa
Himachal Pradesh: Ek Bahuayami Prichay (Hindi) = Dr. Rajender Attri
Himachal Pradesh, Area and Language= Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar
Himachal Pradesh: The Land and People=S.S. Negi
Himachal Pradesh: Its proper Shape and Status=Yashwant Singh Parmar
History and Culture of the Himalayan States=S.S. Charak
History of the Freedom Struggle in the Princely States=R.L. Handa
History of Kangra and Kullu States=J. Hutchinson
History of Mandi State=Man Mohan Singh
History of the Punjab Hills States=J. Huchison., J. Vogel
Kangra Valley Paintings=M.S. Randhawa
Karyala: An Impromptu Theatre of Himachal Pradesh=Kailash Ahluwalia
Kinnar Lok Sahitya=Banshi Ram Sharma
Prachin Himachal, Kulut Des Ki Kahani=Lal Chand Prarthi
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